Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tip ~ Natural Home Remedies, Onions

Natural Home Remedies ~ Onions

I love using natural remedies. My grandmothers excelled at healing those around them without doctor visits. He is a natural remedy I read about the other day. First let me state; I am not giving medical advice. I am not stating that this will cure anything. I am just telling you something I read and found fascinating. 

A terrible flu was passing through a large area.  Most people in the area became ill and many died. A local doctor noticed that one large farming family never caught the flu.  He visited them to ask their secret. It turned out that the mother had heard from her mother who heard from her mother . . . that if you place an onion in a room, you will not get sick. So she placed an onion in each of the rooms in the small farm house. 

The doctor asked to take one of the onions with him. He had it tested and sure enough, it was full of the bacteria that was present in the flu being battled in that area.

Once again, I have no idea if this is a true story. I didn't find anything on Snopes about it. I do like trying natural home remedies so I thought I might put this one to the test.  You never know!

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  1. Plus when we're all weepy and emotional we can just be like, "Those darned onions!"