Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondays Muse ~ Planning Brings Peace

Mondays are amazing. If you let them, they can be overwhelming as you look at the mountain of work to be accomplished during the upcoming week. I choose to use Monday as a planning day, to very carefully schedule the "need to happens" and the "want to happens." I have found if I will take the time to sit in a comfortable chair and mull the week over with my planner, I relieve the pressue and stress that could smother me. Mondays are now one of the most peacefull days of the week. Easy for me to say, since right now all of my children are either at work, or at school, and my sweetheart is at work. The morning chores are done, the wash is sorted and running. I have visited two of my dear friends. I have done the dishes, tidied the house, have dinner planned, and have the music room ready for my guitar student this afternoon. I will cut one son's hair as soon as he gets home from school, then another son's after that, then the stress, I mean fun begins! I almost have myself convinced that this will be a peacefull week. Mondays are amazing!

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