Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Smiles ~ Miracles

Sunday Smiles. These newborn sweet little angels are twins from two different mothers. Let me exlpain. Elly on the left was born on 7/6/09 and Ivy was born on 6/7/09. Yes, Elly is younger but much bigger. These little ones were adopted by our good friends within days of their birth. Being blessed with both little girls, we all consider them their darling twins. The story is an amazing one. This couple has two other children in elementary school. Both children had been praying for twins. Twins of course are rare especially in adoptions. But the miracle happened when both birth mothers chose our friends, and these little girls were born a month apart. Prayers work, and children have perfect faith. What a wonderful modern day miracle and a lesson in praying with faith.

Sunday's are all about the day of rest--I mean service. Today I learned that I am loved by many and I love many. When your heart is happy it is full of love, and it is easy to love those around you. I serve in Church as a leader to children ages 18 months to 12 years old. Today I had the opportunity to teach and sing with them for two hours. I had so much fun but came home with body parts ready to drop off. I quizzed my own young one about today and asked him if he and his friends had fun, and he said yes, but that it was different. I asked him why. His response was that we don't usually get to have so much fun. I was tickled. He's about as honest as they come, so if he had fun, then it went well. I love these exuberant little spirits. They are so accepting and energetic. How fun it would be to have ten children. On second thought, yes it would be fun, but I'm not sure how long I would servive.

Today I also learned that I must choose then act upon my choices if I want to change. Sunday's are days to reflect, serve and smile. (Previously Posted )

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