Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Thoughts ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm craving a chocolate chip cookie right now. Does anyone in blog land happened to have a few (dozen) warm home-made soft and chewey ones with tons of chocolate chips they could send me?

My son baked some yesterday but gave them all away to a kind lady for taking his shirts in at the side seems. He is my "GQ" son and must always look gooooooood!  The fabulous sweet scent is still floating around the house, and I can't seem to focus on editing the very huge climax in my novel.

I know if I had some chocolate chip cookies, I would be so inspired that the battle seen would be fabulous. Break time . . . . oh, well.  It would take too much time to make cookies, but there were some cut carrots in the fridge. They taste just as good. Now I know I'm totally nutsy kookoo.

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