Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Smiles ~ Family

FAMILY DAY by Cindy R. Williams

Today is all about family, service and attending Church. Sundays are made for making memories, and there aren't any more important memories to be made than with my family. My fifteen year old son, on the far right, just passed his Eagle Board of Review this week. He's a great young man. His school progress report arrived in the mail Friday, and I was quite stunned---good stunned. This is the first 5.00 GPA I have ever seen.

My nineteen year old son, second from the right, is also an Eagle Scout, and leaves to serve as a missionary in Brazil in two weeks. He's been out of state working and earning money for said mission and just arrived back home last night. He spoke today to our congregation of around 350 people about his upcoming mission. He is well versed and has a beautiful testimony of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He will serve the Lord well.

This next two weeks will be a major focus on the family and particularly on this great young man whom is willing to dedicate two years of his life to serve the Lord. Great memories are being scribbled in the Book of Family today. I realize as I write this that we are one of the most blessed families to live on this or any other planet. I don't know if it can get any better than to see your children grow up responsible and love the Lord. I am very gratefull today for each of my five children and my kind, supportive, hard working husband. Hold it . . . kleenex break. Okay, I'm back. I'm thankful that my new son-in-law is of the highest caliber. Who says our youth are going to pot? Not in my neck of the woods. I'm surrounded by incredible young people. My heart is full and I/m rich beyond measure. My gratitude goes to a loving Heavenly Father.

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