Thursday, August 20, 2009

World's Next Great Novel?

Are you writing the worlds next great novel? I'm not. I am just having a blast telling a story about a boy, a dragon, magic and choices. Forget the world. This is a great ride! What is a great novel anyway? Seems it's quite subjective, and who said they could make up the rules? They are just people too, and why is their opinion the only one to be lauded? Sooooooo . . . I will dance in the moonlight with the fairies and dream and write on.


  1. Keep writing, Cindy! I was doubtful for a long time about my work, but persevered. Now I've found a good friend and a person who really "gets me" and "gets my book" and she is reading it for me and constantly asking for more chapters and encouraging me. It is the greatest blessing for my writing! I am writing faster than I have in years and I feel great! So find a great reader if you're ready and you haven't done so yet. It is so helpful. Now I do believe I am writing the world's next great novel! It's awesome!

  2. Good for you Tiffany! I am looking forward to reading your novel. Is it the one you shared at boot camp? You go girl!

  3. yes it is the same one...getting better all the time! The Lord has His hand in it, I know I couldn't do it all by myself!