Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do It

By Cindy R. Williams
Do it now, don't wait any longer.
Get through it, just do it.
Get it out of the way.
You want to move on, so just get it done.
Do it now. Do it right. Get it done!


  1. Are you talking about me because it sounds like you are. ;)

    Okay, I'll write my novel, I'll get it done!

    My daughter (who is supposed to be in bed) recognized your blog picture as the author of her book "Chase McKay..." :)

  2. Am I talking about you? Are you guilty too? Do you need to put your WIP to bed, before you go loopy in your head? Feel the pride, finish the ride!

    Too fun that your daughter recognized the pic. That pic was taken as an emergency pic. Publisher called at print time and asked where is my picture, so my darling daughter Ashlee snapped it as I knelt in front of a piller draped with my frothy harp cover while I held some flowers to the side. Strange world.