Thursday, March 24, 2011


by Cindy R. Williams

I just returned home from spending several hours with three of the most amazing young ladies. Their names are Melanie, McKenzie and Madelyn, also known as the Nashville recording artists and country music group, Firefly!
My eyes watered several times as I listened to their magical harmonies and saw their joy in music close up. Their music surrounded me with life and energy. I had the ultimate privilege to watch as they finished the lyrics and music to a new song. I even added my two cents--or four words, "I give my all," to the song.

These three young ladies have it all. Fabulous voices, music writing talent, showmanship and are gifted musicians and dancers. They have one more thing that other music groups don't have, and that is they have a testimony of Jesus Christ and live their lives so that His light shines in all they create. Firefly will do much in creating joy and lifting hearts along their journey.

Thank you Melanie, McKenzie and Madelyn for letting me watch you dazzle!

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